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Wisdom "She" of Proverbs is a Personality (click photo)

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

(click photo) Radical new insight into the Spirituality of true Christianity that Wisdom is a personality, like the Holy Spirit is a personality and not just a principle or power . See Songs section for original song on Wisdom. <---(click for song )

It is very important to understand the Spiritual nuances of the living our resurrected Loving LORD. The woman of John's vision in Revelation 12 who (NOT "W"ho) gives birth to Jesus Christ is Wisdom, not heresy catholic virgin mary (no uppercase deserved) and all of Bible teaches "she"Wisdom has a personality, like the Holy Spirit. Wisdom also has immense Spiritual power as the whore of Babylon who is of devil's darkness. Wisdom is the woman of Spiritual Jerusalem and much greater than the Book of Revelations whore Babylon sitting on dragon who gets destroyed by God's Wisdom.

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