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Anger: How to Overcome Sinful Anger (click photo)

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Anger is a Godly emotion that sin can distort to be destructive instead of as God intended to be constructive by hating evil. This video teaching is on what is Godly, healthy anger and how to overcome sinful, harmful anger by living Psalm 4:4. Yes, an Old Testament passage is truth that applies today in the Holy Spirit.


Here is Psalm 4 teaching as how to properly process anger. This was truth I learned after having had an anger issue due to overwhelming painful, unjust attacks that reading two books on anger management and seeing a counselor could not help me. I have BA and MA in counseling and Ph.D. in theology. I can empathize with sinful anger issues on this sin fallen, unjust, painful hell hole of a planet, but I cannot condone as we have to overcome as Jesus did to express anger in a healthy, constructive manner.

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